Decide, save time, and move forward.
Equip yourself with tools and solutions to be more certain about the future of your business.

We know there are distinct reasons why decision-making is challenging.

Lack of time and resources
Unclarity about the process
Shortage of information
High uncertainty
Biases and prejudices

Every case is unique, and this is why we have different services to suit your specific needs.

Trainings and Workshops

Decision-making trainings for individuals and groups. Each training will be prepared according to your specific needs from the below topics.

Decision-Making Framework:
– Decision biases and how to overcome them
– Stakeholders and decision-making path
– Problem framing and evaluation
– Basic decision-making tools

Problem and Process Analysis Tools:
– Problem and solution factors identification
– Prioritization and evaluation of factors
– Analysis tools in decision-making
– Uncertainty management

Quality of the Decision:
– Problem-Decision cycle
– Decision communication
– How well did we do? Feedback and evaluation
– Can we change the decision?

Each topic takes approximately 1-1,5 h depending on the group size and training venue (online/in-house). Trainings have a modality of alternating lectures and workshops so you will practice the acquired knowledge and tools on real examples.


After the training you will:

✓ Be able to properly frame problems and identify solutions
✓ Understand decision-making techniques and learn to use them
✓ Overcome biases and be more objective
✓ Learn tools to analyze and evaluate processes
✓ Learn to effectively communicate decisions
✓ You will permanently increase your analytical skills and decision accuracy!

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Decision Process Facilitation

Are you facing a major decision like strategy development, organizational change, or need to adapt to a new situation? Or simply want to automate the decision process that your business faces regularly?
How many days are you already thinking about this decision? Or you think the uncertainty is too high to move forward? Your time is most valuable, let’s save it and make that decision!

Why us?
We offer a time-saving solution that is characterized by high accuracy. We know that there is a lot of information in your company. dispersed between top management, employees, and hidden in different processes. There is also a lot of uncertainty about the environment. The only problem is how to digest all this information and measure what is the unknown. This is where we come to assist. We help you put the puzzles together. You will save money, gather more insight about your business, and keep 100% control over the process.

We will facilitate the process step by step:
– frame the problem
– design adequate decision-making path
– identify solution alternatives
– identify information sources, collect, and evaluate data
– and finally, analyze the above to identify the best solutions

Risk-free decision making!
We use Augmented Decision-Making methodology that allows us to create a model of your business environment and simulate various scenarios. We bring down decision-making to simply selecting the scenario that suits you the best.


Benefits of working with us:

✓ You keep 100% control over the process
✓ You gain in-depth understanding of the problem and affected business processes
✓ We will evaluate not few but ALL identified solutions to your problem
✓ You gain confidence about the final decision by following clear logical path

Additionally, you will receive:
✓ Business process models and scenarios stay with you – you can use them as you want
✓ We will recommend improvements in your data gathering and processing
✓ You will learn process analysis and decision-making tools

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Data Mining & Knowledge Management

Data matters!
The more data you have the better, more informed decisions you make. Your business creates data all the time – sales, accounting, HR, supply chain, etc. However, the reality is that only some are properly captured for analysis. If you don’t do this there is zero value-added!

It can be cheap and simple!

You do not need to buy expensive IT solutions. Modern technology is open source and easy to integrate. We will help you identify critical data, analyze where they appear in your business processes, and help you capture and store them using software that you already have – your website, web services, or office package that you use.

Knowledge – the true value of data

Once you already have the data let’s translate it into useful knowledge. Do you already have some data and wonder what information can be extracted from it? Or you already have specific knowledge needs and wonder what data you need to learn it. We will help you make use of your data, analyze, visualize, and utilize it. So, it can be shared between stakeholders in an understandable way and maintained as institutional knowledge.


Our services will help you:

✓ Identify critical data and define the best tools to collect them
✓ Prepare for the integration of data between business units
✓ Analyze and visualize data to provide valuable insights
✓ Build information management and dissemination platform

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Other Consulting Services

Once you made a decision and defined how your business will develop, it comes with a need to implement the new solution. To achieve full success, we support you in the following way:

  • Business process optimization – we analyze and recommend improvements to how things are done in your organization so that your company will achieve the desired objective in the best way possible.
  • Change management – we assist you during the adaptation of the solution and implementation of new processes among employees, customers, and business partners. We will draft implementation plans that include human, workplace culture, and system factors so you can foresee and overcome internal obstacles during implementation.
  • Evaluation and learning – According to the scale and content of changes, we will create evaluation tools and feedback mechanisms so as a manager, you will always know if your business is on the right track.


We are here for you:

DecideX Consulting simply wants your business to work better.
If you have a specific issue, reach out to us to learn how we can assist you.

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Augmented Decision-Making is the use of modeling and analysis in finding solutions and making choices.
Complex problems that are characterized by uncertainty and multiple factors are difficult to analyze objectively and accurately. Processes analysis and business model visualization combined with numerical tools to build desired scenarios give a powerful instrument to support decision-making.

We integrate the below approaches in our methodology:

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking provides a framework for a decision-making process. It breaks down the challenge that you are facing into manageable components. The objectives are represented through values that describe the desired solution. And the business environment is defined as functions and elements that interact with each other affecting those values.
Having such a framework grants control over the entire decision process. At the same time, you can deep into the details of all the factors and corresponding uncertainty and see how it influences the overall picture.


Correct analysis is the core of measuring what the consequences of numerous factors for your business are. We use tailor-made and adjusted for your specific needs, tools for process analysis, data analysis, uncertainty evaluation, and risk assessment.
The core of our methodology is the sequential use of those tools. Findings from one give better input to the other. A logical path is created that brings the desired solution closer with each step.


Once the analysis is completed, we build a model of your business challenge and render scenarios that will represent workable solutions, existing uncertainty, associated risk, and measure how they address the challenge.
The complexity of an entire business environment is turned into a simulation where you can try whatever you want with no real risk associated. The decision-making is brought down to simply selecting the scenario that suits you the best.

Want to learn more? Describe your challenge and we will tell you how to solve it using Augmented Decision Making!