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Our Vision

We have a passion for doing things better and saving resources. Our goal is to allow businesses to unleash their full potential and focus on doing the right things in the right way. The shortest path is to improve the decision-making process.

Imagine that failed decisions can be avoided and resources spent on thinking about them used for actual value generation. As a manager, you know that decision-making is the most important process in any organization, and the difference between success and failure is your decision.

This is why we assist organizations and managers in making better decisions by focusing on three aspects:

Reducing Time it takes to make a decision.

Increasing the Accuracy of the decision, so it answers the problem correctly.

Increasing Confidence that the right choice was made.

Who we are

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Karol Skałowski is the founder of DecideX Consulting.

Karol Skałowski

Karol Skałowski

Graduated in Computer Physics at Warsaw University of Technology and initially working as an analyst, presented a strong technical background. However, curiosity and drive to understand the world better led him to finish postgraduate studies in International Relations at Warsaw University and Public Spaces Planning at the Academy of Fine Arts.

For 10 years working in the international development sector in various countries. Responding during conflicts and natural disasters, was responsible for managing teams, projects, and organizational structures.
In difficult circumstances, working with diverse people and uncertain environments was always trying to implement technical systemic solutions in management and decision-making.

During crisis situations, you need to act quickly and need to be absolutely sure about the decisions you make. There are no second chances, from the very begging the decisions need to be the best possible.
This is when I turned to decision-making as a separate proficiency field. Merging technical solutions with a classic managerial approach gives an advantage and allows to save time, increase accuracy and confidence in the decision-making process. Just what every manager is looking for.

DecideX Consulting is working with number of partnering trainers, analysts and developers to deliver top quality services.