Make Better Decisions

Decision-making is the single most important process in any organization. We make it better.

Present times are highly volatile and uncertain. Making accurate decisions is more difficult than ever before.

Complex problems call for precise solutions.

DecideX Consulting will facilitate and enhance your decision-making process:

Strategic Planning
Risk Management
Organizational Change

Business Development
Portfolio Management
Decision Automation

Our precision comes from the methodology. Augmented Decision-Making utilizes analysis and modeling to increase understanding of the business environment and to manage uncertainty. Simply, make better decisions and:

Save time, know from the beginning how long will the process take.

Increase accuracy of the choices you make.

Increase confidence, be sure about what you decided.

Execute decisions properly and turn them into performance.

Decision-making is not an easy process. Even the most experienced managers face difficulties and therefore are missing growth opportunities. Wrongly managed implies unnecessary costs in the form of time, effort, and resources that could be otherwise used for actual value generation.

The most common obstacles in making good decisions include:

Unclarity about the process

Who should have the final word?  Who should be consulted? Whose opinion is valuable?

Lack of sufficient knowledge

What factors should be considered? How to evaluate them?

Lack of time and resources

When facing uncertainty people tend to multiply opinions and overcomplicate the process.

Fear of uncertainty and failure

Perfect is the enemy of good. When not sure people tend to remain in the status quo and delay the decision.

Biases and prejudices

Hardwired into our brain execute thousands of subconscious decisions every day but lacking objectiveness when analyzing complex problems.  

In the present times, when the environment is highly volatile and uncertain, making accurate decisions is more difficult than ever before.

Complex problems call for precise solutions. This is why more companies use the benefits of modeling and analytics to increase understanding of the business environment and support the decision-making process. We offer

What we offer

We know that you simply want to decide and move forward. This is why we offer solutions to support and permanently improve the decision-making process in your organization.

Trainings and Workshops

Learn how to overcome biases, how to prioritize, and solve problems using simple techniques that can be implemented in any organization.
Workshops for teams and individuals will permanently increase analytical and decision-making skills in just a few hours.

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Decision Process Facilitation

Facing big decisions? Together we will define the optimal process and lead you step by step to the best solution.
Augmented Decision-Making methodology helps to understand business processes better and make more accurate informed decisions. It allows simulating different solutions so you can choose the best one with virtually zero risk!

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Data Mining and Knowledge Management

“Data is the new gold.”
The more data you have the better decisions you make. Implement data gathering and visualization with technology that you already use! Collect, analyze, and disseminate data to build a knowledge management system in your company.

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Other Services

– Decision and performance evaluation and feedback mechanisms
– Organizational change management during solution implementation
– Business process analysis, modeling, and optimization

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Who we are

DecideX Consulting was founded by Karol Skałowski, an experienced professional who learned to merge technical solutions with a humanistic approach.

Karol Skałowski

Working in the international development sector in places suffering from conflicts, natural disasters, and other humanitarian crises tough me how to make decisions. There is never enough time, never sufficient information, and the situation is constantly and rapidly changing – yet you still must make the decision that will affect your employees, service recipients, investors, and reputation of your organization. And the penalty for bad choice is a complete failure.

I learned how to effectively prioritize, manage uncertainty, analyze available information, and communicate even the most difficult decisions.
Now I want to share this knowledge to help your business succeed.

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